Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reading and Writing (no 'rithmetic)

Being an author is pretty time intensive. Funny thing, writing is connected to reading. Who knew? Researching sources, gathering material for writing queries, finding pictures for this blog all take time. It is worthwhile time because along the way I encounter these wonderful Divine appointments with people or their writings.

Recently I came across a piece that simply posed questions for us to think about and discuss. The point was, if you are tired of shallow connecting -- "Hi how are you?" "Fine" "Me too" "How are the kids? Work?" "Good" "me too" then taking time to pose any or all of these questions would likely take a conversation past the mundane to a little deeper connection.

Questions of Consequence:

1. What is hard for you?

2. What are your joys?

3. What do you hope for?

Going deeper with people is following Jesus. Think about His conversations. Of course He had perfect knowledge and perfect wisdom which we all lack. But I would say that taking the time, making the connection that we all crave at some level, honors the individual and it honors the Lord.

Try these questions out the next time you get to hang out with someone. Let me know how it goes!

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