Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent or Christmas Season?

What is the difference between Advent and the Christmas Season?

I had the opportunity to spend an evening at Disneyland during Veteran's Day weekend earlier in November. Although my phone photo is a little blurry you might be able to make out the Christmas tree on Main Street. Everywhere we looked there were Christmas decorations! White lights, colored ornaments, bows and Disney characters in their Christmas attire made the experience so festive! I look forward to the annual transformation from fall decor to Christmas decor at Disneyland. The little kid in me gets so excited about the coming season!

The word Advent means "coming" or "arrival."
For Christians who follow the liturgical church calendar Advent is the beginning of the year. As some protestant churches have left traditions behind, the meaning and emphasis on the seasons of the year have also been lost. Advent has traditionally been a time of preparation: hearts and homes making room for the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus.

I have a question for you: is it possible to enter into both the Christmas season and the season of Advent at the same time? How do you integrate Advent traditions with childlike fun and frivolity?