Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote from a certifiable genius

Did the title make you curious? Some quotes I collect are simple, some profound. This one is profound in its simplicity. I have to give finder's credit to my friend Susie who is a terrific quote hunter! (among many other skills she possesses)

3 Rules of Work

1. out of clutter, find simplicity

2. from discord, find harmony

3. in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Sounds like Henry Ford. Practical, grounded, straightforward, matter of fact. But its not Ford. Before I reveal the quotable individual, let's look closer at these three rules.

Each rule has a challenge in the first half and resolve in the second half: clutter, discord and difficulty are resolved in simplicity, harmony and opportunity. Not only can we make that word pair observation but look at what the rules are for--work. You might simply think rules for getting work done. That approach could be sufficient for appreciating these rules. But you can also look at each of these rules and see that in order to achieve the resolve it takes work; not just task oriented work but character forming work. These rules could be re-titled "3 Rules for Change" or "3 Rules for Growth". These rules are bigger than they seem at first glance!

Of course you might expect something profound in its simplicity from a certifiable genius~ Albert Einstein

Now go and apply these rules....

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