Friday, December 31, 2010

Already...and Not Yet (part 2)

So it's the last day of 2010 Already! It's the trend to speak of the top things of the year passing away and then to look forward with a resolute heart (hence "resolutions") to the year to come.

So not to be left out... My 2010 Tops:
1) Road trips! I loved driving across country from Chicago to SLO and through Utah twice this past year!

2) Becoming a cyclist with my DH, who has always been a cyclist (hence great legs!) We rode almost 2,000 miles in 2010!

My Resolute Heart for 2011:
1) Cycle 3,000 miles

2) The dreams, desires and goals of this year would be guided by listening well to
the Holy Spirit Who lives in me.

I would really encourage you to write down your resolutions, your goals. Commit to them. Review them. Step toward them daily.

You can write them here!

Now seriously people, I want to know what your thoughts are!

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