Thursday, December 30, 2010

Je t'adore

What does this mean? It's not all that mysterious-- "I adore you" in French. No offense please, but I don't mean I adore You, but I am exploring how I express my adoration for God to God. Daily. During various activities. In many ways.

I have found that when I am alone in the house (or the men are all still asleep--it is vacation for those still in school!) I speak out loud to God. I include Him in what I am doing, like vacuuming or washing dishes. When I have forgotten where I left something I will say out loud "I wonder where that is?" and when the picture of where it is sitting comes to mind then I say out loud, "Thank You Lord!" and go off to find the misplaced item. Sure enough, there it is!

Sometimes I stare out the window at the birds hopping from one plant to another seeking bugs. I am especially drawn to hummingbirds and have learned to listen for the whirring sound of their wings when I am gardening. Being still in the yard has given me many close encounters with hummingbirds and I am filled with both awe and joy then I whisper Thank You to Him Who sent them my way.

Other times the warmth of the sunlight streaming through the window draws our cat to lounge on the floor, basking in comfort. That picture reminds me of being "in the Light" and I am moved to thank God again.

I am trying to learn how to show God love. He has poured out His love for me in so many ways, the most significant is His Presence. I am learning to be present to His Presence.

What ways have you learned to show God you love Him?

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