Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Live Is....

How do you finish this phrase: to live is....

To live is fun!
To live is work
To live is boring
To live is joyful
To live is painful
To live is ....

I wonder how you finish it? I have been pondering this phrase for a week and a half since our student ministries pastor challenged the high school students as they approached the last week and a half of school to consider what it means: to live is Christ....

How does that look? What does one do"to live is Christ"? It doesn't say to live as Christ.

Is. This is the conjugation of the verb "to be". Hmm. We are human BEings. Perhaps in this phrase to live is Christ, the act of living, then means "to be" like Christ?

You can't be like Christ you say. He was perfect and sinless and we are not those things. You are absolutely right. Does that mean we are off the hook? That we give up and then are to be like His enemy, living our own lives apart from God because we can't measure up?

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  1. Love this, Lisa. Trying to live Christ-like and not get discouraged. Seeking His will and His strength to keep going - striving to BE like Him. And hope that when I go home I will hear, "Well done..."


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