Monday, June 22, 2009


I am privileged to be attending a conference in San Antonio this week hosted by the Renovare Institute. The title of the conference is The Jesus Way: conversations on how Jesus is the Way. I heard Max Lucado challenge us about fear last evening in his welcoming address. "Fear never accomplished anything" was a point he made. Think about it; fear paralyzes us from action. Fear makes us focus inward not toward others. Fear would be one of the most frequent things Jesus told us NOT to do or be!

I also heard Eugene Peterson speak last evening. His points were to challenge us to recognize that the name of Jesus and the metaphor of the Way are both personal and participatory. We meet Jesus personally and to follow Him as the Way we cannot be bystanders. We must get involved in the life He sets before us; not waiting for a better set of circumstances to come along, but getting into the lives of those who cross our path along the Way.

Won't you join me in being intentional in your relationships, knowing that our great Creator God has a plan in your life and through your life?

Blessings abound!

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  1. this is intense! what an amazing opportunity - and i feel we will all be benefactors from your experience... awesome. thank you for sharing these nuggets of truth. love you sister - megan.


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