Monday, June 15, 2009

Something Fun for You to Do!

I have found many new blogs to read and people to follow through both Exemplify Online and A Woman Inspired. One significant contributor in both arenas is Kristen Schiffman, a very personable writer and lover of Jesus. Kristen loves cupcakes and books (her hubby and other fun!). She is hosting a Multi-blog Book Sale this coming Thursday - Saturday, June 18-20.

I am going to offer at least 20 books for sale. There will be other sellers as well that will link up through Kristen's site. All books, whether mine or others, will be God honoring. Paypal will be the online payment source and I already have an account (thanks to ebay purchases over the years!) Tomorrow and Wednesday I will post the photos of the book covers with their sale price and weight so you can figure out shipping costs. Those of you who live nearby will only have to come over to pick them up--coffee at the point of sale?

Let's move these books off my shelves and onto yours for your reading pleasure!

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