Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Do You Take For Granted?

Isn't this a beautiful picture?  Looks like a day coming to a close on the Pacific Coast.  Actually this is a sunrise over the Indian Ocean on the east coast of Sri Lanka.  Such a peaceful image.  Such beautiful people, a beautiful country.

It is not so peaceful there right now.  What do you take for granted?  Food?  Water?  Running water?  Flush toilets?  A roof over your head and a floor under your feet?  Peace in your neighborhood?  

Families in Sri Lanka have been caught in the cross fire for 25 years and lately things have gotten worse.  People are being forced from their homes because of fighting and are once again being relocated to IDP camps (no border to cross so they are not refugees but Internally Displaced Persons)  They have a common well, sometimes, corrugated metal for make shift shelters and palm fronds to weave into a roof.  Poor sanitation, limited food.  Relief supplies sent by international Red Cross is not getting to the IDP camps because the Sri Lankan army is preventing it.  

What do you take for granted?  

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