Friday, May 8, 2009

Creative School Projects for all you Moms

I know how much we all love the assignments that involve building some model of what the children have been learning, but bear with me here.

Learning really can be fun! Just check out this castle my son Mark designed. If you look closely it is all chocolate! Now I can tell you that was a fun project to help with! Legos, cereal, marshmallow cream and candy bars. Hmm yummy! The downside was when he took it to share, he let the class eat it up (not the legos of course!) Glad I took the picture before hand.

What about our own creative projects? You might have a scrap book to work on or a sewing project to start, but I am actually talking about the ongoing projects of relationships. Our parents, our siblings, our friends, our spouses, our children; you get the idea. There is no end to the creativity needed in the project of relating to other humans in a meaningful, interactive way.

How do you find inspiration for your creativity in relationships? I love to hear what moms do to have fun with their children, or ideas of friends in connecting with others. How about you? What is something fun or inspiring or creative you have done recently to develop those relationship projects?


  1. With technology the way it is, I'm glad to be able to stay in touch with texting. My daughters are always sending texts and pictures (most recently, Danielle with her new kitten). And Liz is already planning things for us to do since we are now close to each other - so we are heading to the beach FINALLY. I've been cooped up in the house trying to get all our boxes unpacked, but it's coming along and our little house is becoming our little home. YAY!!!

  2. Our friend Betsy inspires me. She has a group of us over for a night of Nucci's and scrapbooking about once a month. I look forward to these nights as soon as her email invitation pops up. Not just for the yummy pizza, raspberry salad and homemade brownies (though it's all delish!) Not just for the time and space to work on a few layouts in my scrapbook (though that time is so appreciated!) What I love the most is just re-connecting with good friends. Friends that have busy lives just like me, that have guilt complexes and bumpy family relationships just like me. Friends like you, Lisa, that have the perfect Bible verse right when it's needed. I love those nights. She inspires me to host events like that in my home. I don't need everything to look perfect, and I don't have to cook a gourmet meal... I just need to connect with friends, and help them to connect with each other as well.


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