Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Breaks Your Heart?

I started this post Wednesday night after hearing from a sweet friend, Jessica, who is joyfully serving in Thailand, working with the Lord to bring women and men out of a life of prostitution. It struck me that we know so little of all that is going on around the world, what the needs of individuals are, what the pain, sorrow, hunger, homelessness, is really like.

I am not Eeyore just so you know. Generally I am an upbeat person. Every once in awhile, God gives me glimpses into some of what He hears about on a daily basis, and thankfully I am reminded that I am glad He is God and I am NOT! But what does happen for me is I am reminded to be in prayer for the many whose hearts don't yet know the sigh of release from letting the Savior carry them; for those whose suffering is so great they can't think; for those who simply haven't yet heard there is One who longs to comfort them in the midst of their pain...

I heard at a women's retreat several years ago the question: "What breaks your heart that breaks the heart of God?" It stopped me short. I realized I had never thought that way. I began to ponder over several months what things break my heart. I wondered if they were "big enough" for God to care about. I wanted to be caring about what He cares about. I began praying that He would enlarge my heart for the things He sees. What a journey this has been! God is faithful.

When I hear of those dear people in Thailand who don't know that they have options for their lives until someone like Jessica tells them I am moved to prayer. When I hear of the thousands of displaced families in Sri Lanka, I think, "Oh Lord..." and am moved to prayer. When I read my friend Sue's post about her sweet parents who are slowing down more and more I cry and thank God for the blessings of relationships even though they aren't always easy.

Right in the middle of your days, God wants you to join in the chorus of silent and audible voices lifting up concerns to Him. He alone is the One who can hold all these near. He alone can have a broken heart for the hurting and still not be overwhelmed by it all. Please don't say, "well all I can do is pray." Prayer is vital. Prayer is powerful. The work of lifting up others' needs to the throne of grace is the gift God gives us in our relationship with Him; an audience with the King! Please don't neglect that wonderful privilege.

He may also want you to take additional action in response to the things that break your heart. Be aware of opportunities to serve, to write, to fast, to send, to go. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. WE are needed my friends. Ponder your heart; ponder God's heart.
Where has God allowed your heart to be soft, weak, broken and yielding? That is a good place to start.

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