Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live What You Believe

So today's post title is a challenge to each of us. I am being poked by the Holy Spirit in one big area right now: self-discipline. Ouch!

But it's summer! I whine (ineffectively)

My use of time is the biggest culprit but there are more subtle ones too like my eating and exercise habits, (non existent), taming my tongue (yikes I thought I had that one down...), what my thoughts are of people (sometimes critical and judgmental...sad face)

I have wanted to blog more since I have more time, but I have come to this point of getting poked to realize I need to make some serious course corrections right now. Hence this point of confession.

I would love your help. What are your tried and true techniques for managing life? Exercise? Eating habits?

Suggestions are more than welcome. In fact, greatly desired!

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  1. So sorry for my part in the silence following this post. My excuse is that I don't have these things figured out either. Exercise: I bought new running shoes and had Darin fix the jogging stroller. Then my son started sleeping later, so I did too. =) There went my jogging time. I did just sign up to work at the day care at Kennedy which gives me a free membership. We'll see if that works. I'd love to take a yoga class. Food: I don't buy stuff I don't want to be eating. I don't walk down the cookie isle. I rarely bake. That means in the midst of a snack craving there is sometimes nothing to eat, which isn't fun, but I'm staying somewhat healthy. I am finally making smoothies for myself more often, but not every day like I should. My favorite at the moment: cabbage, lettuce, one kale leaf, blueberries, mango, and whatever other fruit in the house needs to be eaten. Plus water. Yum!


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