Saturday, July 31, 2010


No news to my followers, but recently I have been responding to the ever so gentle, yet persistent beyond ignoring. poking of the Holy Spirit in the area of self-discipline. At first all I could do was whine (ineffectively I might add) "Do you want a little cheese with that whine my dear?" Then I agreed with Him (always a good plan) that I had let things get out of control and needed some revamping. Finally I simply gave up and said "What do You suggest?" fully expecting a long to do list that would be unbearable.

But No! Instead with mercy and grace that He alone possesses, I have a list of four things. That's it! Four things! I can count them on one hand and can seriously commit to accomplishing them daily! Only God would be so dear to give me challenge AND encouragement at the same time!

SO here are my commitments to Daily Discipline:

1. Bible Reading (which I referenced in my last post)

2. Do something strenuous

3. Do something creative

4. Write something

Obviously there are other things in my life that need to be done as well, but these four things are my divine to do list that absolutely feels so life giving and freeing to me!

What do you do that is life giving?

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  1. Lisa! I love your blog :) And I feel like I need to say something witty or wise or deep and profound... you write so well that it seems the comments should written the same way :) I 'post' things, then delete them...! how crazy is that?! kind of crazy :) Just wanted you to know I love your insights, your thoughts, your processing,... they encourage me so much. I love what God has showed you in His divine 'to do' list. It's an awesome list. It's specific and broad all at the same time. It is freeing and life giving! There's a plan, there's order, there's direction... isn't that crazy how that's freeing? Seems counter-intuitive. I'm not sure what's life giving to me. I've never really thought about it. It's good to think... thanks for encouraging me. Love you friend.


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