Monday, March 29, 2010

How do you handle...

I have been allowing too many distractions to sidetrack me from using my time "wisely". (A purely subjective term!) I like routine but I'm not married to it as my husband says. But lately I have had more challenges from distractions and I need help!

I want to set aside time to write more. In this season of life I have the margin to actually do this. Yet I find more and more "opportunities" to do things for others, or the need to connect with friends, or even clean the bathrooms instead of sitting down to the keyboard and writing!

How do you handle distractions? What strategies do you have for saying "No" to things that come your way that sidetrack you from your routine? What do you do to get back on track?

I would seriously love your input!


  1. I hope that you get some really great advise here, because I need some support in this area as well.

    I try to be more organized and that does help.I couldnt make it without my calendar/day timer carryall clutch that hold everything I need to do.

    My trials seems to be more mood oriented than anything. I need to eat better and exercise more and I know that 80% of my trails in this area will go away.

    Procastination is a major issue for me... and my saying is just do it, you know how good you will feel when you get it accomplished, and then you will want to do more!

    And yet......


  2. Hi Lisa, Just found your blog (ironically doing what has become my latest form getting distracted!) I'm spending too much time reading blogs!!
    Thinking I might put a timer next to my computer to monitor my "wandering" time when I'm supposed to be doing my work.
    Happy Easter!


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