Saturday, May 8, 2010

Memories of Mom

Tomorrow will mark the 3rd Mother's Day since my Mom passed away. In her honor, I have decided to share some memories of my Mom.

She was a working mom almost all my life; until she retired from education after 38 years. She was a supermom in spite of full time teaching; she taught Sunday School, was my Girl Scout leader, my brother's Cub Scout den leader, earned a Master's Degree, became bilingual in Spanish, took care of her aging parents in her home, became a junior high administrator and then retired as a high school principal. Whew! Doesn't that make you tired just reading that list?

But in spite of all the work, she made lots of time for FUN! She loved to play bridge with her friends, travel, and in later years, spend time with her grandsons! Here she is showing her 2 yr. old grandson Matt how to ride a tricycle!

One Christmas she made a paper chain for her other grandson, Mark. She was an amazing Nana to my boys. She took each of them on a special trip when they reached the age of 11. Matt got to go to London for a few days and then France for 2 weeks. Mark chose Greece! They took a cruise from Athens to several islands and even to Turkey to visit Ephesus and Patmos.

My mother had high expectations for me and I did my best to meet them. Sometimes they felt unrealistic (aren't all moms full of dreams for their children?) and sometimes I resented the fact that I felt not good enough. But if my mom had not challenged me to achieve, I am not sure if I would have. I am who I am not only because God has fearfully and wonderfully made me, but also because of the shaping of my mom's influence.

So my Mom is missed. It is still hard to say she is gone. I still don't always speak of her in past tense terms. Mark was listening to Patsy Cline on Pandora recently, because Nana liked her music. Matt is a history major in part because of Nana's love of history. I am a resilient, strong overcomer because of my Mom's influence. I am thankful.

And I miss her....

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