Monday, May 10, 2010


"Avoid every tendency away from the simplicity of relationship to God in Christ Jesus, and then prayer will be as the breath of the lungs in a healthy body." Oswald Chambers

Why is it that we do not experience prayer as simply the same as breathing? Is it that we don't believe in the power of prayer? Is it that we hold a view of prayer that it is serious work? Is it that we adults make things too complicated?

Actually it's probably any or all of those reasons and more. More important is the question: How can we get to the place of praying like breathing?


Don't lose sight of the need for reverence; we are talking with the infinite, Holy God.

Do picture yourself with a dear friend who cares deeply about every word and thought you have.

We have that free access because of what Jesus Christ accomplished at the Cross of Calvary.

Do speak to Him in the simplicity of a child; no guile, lots of trust and dependence.

Sit in silence with Him; give the Holy Spirit access to your thoughts. That usually comes without Him saying, "It's My turn to talk now!" It comes in silence.

Make time. Push away the distractions of your day by writing them down as they pop in to distract you. Writing it down then frees you to focus again on waiting in silence.

Practice. Simplify. Be still and know that He is God.

Breathe. Regularly. Not only once a day. You really can't exist on one breath a day. Neither can we get through the day in peace without including the Lord in our doings.


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