Friday, April 2, 2010

Why is Good Friday good?

When I was growing up the church we attended followed the Liturgical Calendar. This meant that annually we would reflect on the Last Supper on the Thursday before Easter and take communion. That made sense to me. But I wondered why Good Friday was called "good" when Jesus died?

Now decades later I come to Good Friday humbled by the knowledge of all that transpired. Please take time to watch the following video. It will be hard to watch, but not as hard as it was to endure.

Why is Good Friday good? You and I are now FREE! Tell me what that means to you....

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  1. It is good because He got to say, "It is finished."

    I could ponder those words for years. Nothing makes me rejoice more or grieve more. It makes me humbled, thankful, repentant, relieved, and zeroed into what is important in life...

    He did it for me, He did it for those that are difficult in my life, He did it for my kids, he did it for all.

    It is amazing. It is Good.


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